Theragun Treatments

How to Make the Most of Theragun Treatments

You’ll feel amazing just by turning on your Theragun and pressing it against your body, but if you want true pro advantages, you’ll need some doctor-designed protocols relevant to your sport and the condition you’re attempting to address, as well as the ability to administer them on the fly.

The Next Generation Has Arrived…

Theragun 2.0 mobile app and improved Bluetooth connectivity make it possible to find and use the proper protocol at any time and from any location.

Therabody app, which integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health to propose guided health routines that can be done on our Bluetooth® connected products, learns from your individual behaviors and preferences.

These technologies are capable of controlling Theragun on your behalf. Simply download the app and select a routine, such as cycling, carpal tunnel, or biceps strengthening. When you’re ready to use it, just call up the protocol and it will tell you how much pressure, which muscles to utilize, and how fast to move the device.

Smart technology eliminates all of the guesswork for you. Both the gadget and the app have indicators that will let you know if you’re following the protocol correctly and will assist you self-adjust. It’s really simple to use.

The goal is for you to remember the protocols over time and become even more capable of managing your own health and sports performance.

Recovery and Training
Prior to training

I enjoy using Theragun shortly before a workout or a race. Using it before a workout is akin to filling up your car before a race. Blood flow will be increased, stress will be relieved, and your nervous system will be activated with the use of Theragun. It lubricates my muscles with blood and oxygen and ‘warms up’ my fluids. It’s crucial not to utilize it for too long so that you stay in the activation stage.

Before a race or activity, and before your warm-up, treat each individual muscle in a muscle group by floating the head over the area for no more than 30 seconds. Don’t forget to do your dynamic stretch. Theragun is a supplement to stretching, not a replacement for it. Use it on certain locations for 10 seconds fast, 10 seconds fast, 10 seconds fast, 10 seconds fast, 10 seconds fast, 10 seconds fast, 10 seconds fast, 10 seconds fast, 10 seconds fast Because of the short time, blood flow is stimulated and tension is released, allowing your muscles to move.

During the training period

It may be difficult, but if you can utilize Theragun while training or in the middle of a race, it will urge you forward like nothing else. Even though it isn’t feasible to use during competition, doing so throughout training will help you become a better athlete overall. This is because Theragun trains your muscles to keep running even when they’re exhausted.

Protocol: Spending just 15 seconds on a tired muscle relieves tension, oxygenates it, and recharges it. You’ll bounce back to your feet and feel ready to take on the world once more. When I use it in the middle of a workout, I’m astounded by how well it relieves pain and muscular weariness and’resets’ me.

Following Training

Use it on similar muscles, but go slowly and for a longer period of time. You’re seeking for a relaxing influence right now. You’re still boosting blood flow, but it’s going to be smoother because you’re not stimulating the sympathetic nervous system; instead, you’re inducing the parasympathetic nervous system to enter recovery mode.

To stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, hit each muscle group for at least two minutes. It’s time to “relax and absorb.”

How To Use Theragun As A Pain Reliever

Theragun is a proven pain treatment for everything from terrible nerve pain caused by injury to everyday strain and muscle knots.

In fact, in a research on pain trigger sites called focal hyperalgesia (pain and knots), Theragun provided an instant analgesic response and the pain reduction lasted longer than any other treatment, including rollers and manual massage therapy.

Starting somewhere else on your body to get your endorphins flowing and relax your body is a good way to manage serious pain. Your skin signals should take precedence over your nerve messages. Then switch to a damper or ball attachment and apply pressure on the muscles around the afflicted joint according to your tolerance. Spend thirty seconds on each, then change to an ultra soft attachment and apply pressure according to your tolerance. Repeat this process twice a day.